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Smashed Crab Software. Est. 2014
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Funny Name. Serious Software.

The name is a throwback to our early days of gaming development and working in the entertainment industry. We felt the name fit into our interests.

However, using our skills for making beautiful, intuitive user experiences we transitioned from creating entertainment pieces to building custom software that solves businesses problems. We aim to simplify our clients’ working day where off-the-shelf packages were too complicated or didn’t have all the right features. Our focus changed but the spirit of user experience first development remained.
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Our people

Smashed Crab Software was formed in May 2014. Based in both Hull and Sheffield, we are currently a team of 8 experienced software developers and back-office staff.

We are a close knit group who like to socialise together to further cement our working relationships. We foster a culture of improving development standards and processes to keep us ahead of the competition.

Our MD Alex, set up the business in Hull along with other founders Tim, Tom & Heather. Andy, Tony, Liam and Jayne have all joined the team since.

Working hard as individuals to achieve our business goals

All of our developers have committed themselves to Smashed Crab Software being a Microsoft Partner. This has been achieved through the continuous development of their skills and knowledge and rigorously tested through official examinations.

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