6 Top Benefits of Moving to Custom Software

Have you been looking for a faster, more efficient way to operate your business? Is CRM too clunky? Invoicing taking up too much time? Find yourself constantly distracted by flitting through lots of different programs to get your jobs done? Custom Software might be the answer to your problems. With a bespoke system designed specifically for you, you could see all these issues become one seamless, time-efficient solution.

Why is Custom Software Important?

The creation of your own Custom Software involves your developer looking at how you currently do business. By investigating your current processes and listening to your stress points, developers can design the perfect system for your needs. That doesn’t have to mean giving up all your different tools and subscriptions, but it does mean less time trying to find the right program, or battling with slow speeds, as everything is integrated into one manageable place.

It’s perfectly fine to use off the shelf software for many businesses, but sometimes they can include a lot of extras you don’t need, and these can bump up the cost. As an end-user, you must have software that works best for you and your team. This is where Custom Software comes in, cutting out the fat and delivering only the best of the tools you need. The great thing about having your own software is the additional support you get from the developing team, including new tools down the line as you and your team grow.

See below some examples of why the jump from off the shelf software to Custom Software could work well for your company:

1. Custom Software is targeted to the needs of you and your team

Custom Software gives a targeted approach, making it unique to your company. A developer can design a streamlined program just for you by getting to know your business needs and processes. Every company will have slightly different needs, even industry competitors, so it’s essential to get a program that fits you well.

2. Make processes smoother with integrated systems

Seamless integration of existing tools means you don’t have to spend too much time training staff on using a whole new product. Instead, it draws the existing software into your new program, along with everything else you may want or need. This means you aren’t switching between lots of separate programs to find the information you need or put that information somewhere new.

3. Stay updated and ahead of the curve with a Development Team

As we have seen in the past two years, there is no telling what might influence how we work or change our industries. With Custom Software, you do not need to wait for the program to update before you feel the benefits. Instead, you can request improvements or changes from your developer and work together on creating an up to date, fit for service tool system. You work on your own timescale and make the software work for you, not the other way round!

4. Automate your workflow with Custom Software

By bringing all of your tools together in one place, you can set up automation much easier. Data can talk and transfer quickly between programs, and mindless reporting suddenly becomes a thing of the past. Set up your monthly invoices or regular staff notifications to coincide with a schedule that fits you – leaving you more time to work on the things that matter.

5. Custom Software is more cost-effective in the long run

Off-the-shelf software is usually packed with little tools and gimmicks that aren’t necessarily what you need or will ever use, but it is a way to bump up the price. As well as the recurring annual or monthly expense and the cost of adding users each time you recruit – it soon mounts up!

6. Custom Software can be used by anyone on the team

One of the more annoying things about off-the-shelf software is that it will usually have a cap on the number of licenses available, such as how many times you can install it on a PC or the number of users logged in at any one time. It’s an enormous expanse to keep adding users to all your subscriptions when you are trying to nurture a growing team. Thankfully, limited users is a thing of the past with Custom Software, owned by you, designed for your needs.

All in all, Custom Software opens a lot of opportunities for time and money-saving. Custom Software is set to make your job easier and cause a lot less stress and heartache so that you can focus on the tasks that are important to your job. The power of automation will lighten your load and make menial tasks a thing of the past.

Smashed Crab is dedicated to providing a personal service on a schedule that fits you. If you are interested in learning more about how Custom Software could work for you and your team, drop us a call at 01482 935 356 or email at Contact@SmashedCrabSoftware.com. Alternatively, you can fill in our contact form below.

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