A day in the life of the Coronavirus lockdown office fish

Our office pets here at Smashed Crab Software would like to share their own experience of the coronavirus working from home government guidelines. No, of course they didn’t type it themselves - that would be ridiculous: but they dictated it to Jayne, our Marketing Executive over their little fishy phone.

Daniel the Danio describes the journey and his new surroundings:

“The office got quieter over a few days, and then we overheard something about everyone having to work from home for a while - some sort of human condition where they all can’t be bothered to drive to the office I guess.

Anyway, I couldn’t believe it when the big oafs first moved us….. Sloshing the water ‘round like they were… felt like being in a joggers water bottle! It took ages to settle our splash after we were placed down in our new surroundings. It’s not too bad though. Although it is strange not seeing the many faces we are used to, and having to see just Tom’s mug everyday... Well I won’t say what I think of that.”

Pleco talks through how he felt about the change:

“It was a shock at first, we didn’t get forewarned about anything, but after the journey (I got travel sick) I felt much better and we all settled down within a couple of days. We appreciate Tom and Annie for looking after us, they feed us and without them we would be swimming around in our own mess! With Daniel the Dumpster around (he has quite a reputation amongst us) that wouldn’t be pleasant!

I am happy enough in our new environment, only thing is, we don’t see many faces and we miss watching all the animals bumbling around. But all in all, life is good here.”

Mani, the Amano Shrimp talks us through his new perspective on life:

“We have been here a few weeks now, but it is nice. Tom sits on the sofa a lot, it keeps him happy - simple things please simple minds apparently. We are also happy, I am with the same guys here in the tank, we get fed and left alone most of the time which is fine by us.

I have overheard the animals saying that we will be here a while longer yet, but that's not a problem for us. We just keep ourselves to ourselves really. We thought about having a party to cheer us up when we first moved house but you know what, we didn’t want to upset the new neighbours. That said we heard them all clapping one night last week bit selfish if you ask me, woke me up!”

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