A day in the life - Our Coronavirus diary

Tom - Lead Developer
Tom is an experienced developer and has been with us for 6 years. He has adjusted to homeworking due to the Coronavirus guidelines and this was his Monday this week.

Believe it or not, I wake up in the morning! A bit too early sometimes, but that is working life for you. I can't function without a shower and a coffee, so they are my first parts of the day. I get to stay in bed a bit longer these days, as I don’t need to commute, but I do miss the morning walk.

Once I was ready to start my homeworking day, I checked my emails and said good morning to my Smashed Crab Studio colleagues using Slack. Then I spend some time cleaning up our Azure DevOps and ensuring that all the tasks are up to date. This has become especially important recently as I’m no longer sat with the team.

I don't forget about the office fish who are camping out in my living room currently, so I changed their water. Having a quick chat with them in the process - They make good rubber ducks.

My first development task of the day was to implement some changes for new products on a Bespoke CRM / Sales Tool we have developed for one of our clients. A quick and easy task to get the week going. Once the changes have been committed, our CI/CD build pipeline takes over and starts getting the release ready to go, I’ll give it some time to run all of our automated tests, and come back to it later.

At lunch I ate some food outside in the sun. Getting away from my desk for a little while focuses my mind.

All the automated tests are finished now, everything looks good! I release the new version and let the client know it's good to go.

Next I took a quick look at Azure Devops, one of the clients has requested a change to how Coronavirus related issues are tracked in the Bespoke Time and Attendance system that we’ve built with them over the last couple of years. There have been a few changes to this in the last few weeks, mainly to help with tracking #furloughed /isolating employees. I spent some time putting together the new feature, testing and releasing it. This will help them ensure that they are able to claim the right amount of money for their furloughed staff.

I finish off the day replying to a few different queries from clients.

At this point the fish were looking ravenous so I fed them to keep them happy.

After a few more work related tasks it was the end of the working day so I decided to go for a walk around my local area, of course whilst taking #socialdistancing seriously. This was promptly followed by an evening of chilling out.

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