Benefits of Cloud Applications

Are you a business owner? Was your business affected by the pandemic? Of course, it was.

As the world feels like it is slowly returning to normal, it is becoming more abundantly clear that Hybrid Working is here to stay. As a result, businesses now need to consider the different ways in which they can develop their working methods to facilitate the possibility of Hybrid Working amongst their workforces.

Being prepared for remote and Hybrid Working means having the tools and custom software to support your team in this new adventure. Make collaboration effortless from the office to homes and conferences with modern software that is accessible to everyone. Take this opportunity to rethink your models and break down the boundaries of prior structures to make the most optimised environment for your team.

What are Cloud Applications, and why do I need them?

Basically, a cloud application is software that users access through the internet. If an employee has internet, then they have access to all the files they could need.

Cloud applications have been around for a few years now but really came into their own during the lockdown when mandatory working from home was enforced. Traditional setups just don’t work anymore. There are only so many hard drives you can buy to store your data before it starts taking over the room, the costs cut too deep, and the security and risk around them get too high. However, lots of companies are now turning to cloud-based solutions to connect workers away from the office.

To be specific, a cloud-based application is a tool that stores your information on the internet, in a protected area, with a particular amount of storage available. This could be working files, documentation, photographs, invoicing, you name it. If you can save it, you can save it on the Cloud. What’s better is anyone with permission can access the same document in real-time. No more saving copies to personal desktops, no more having to email yourself work.

How Businesses Are Adapting to Hybrid Working

When opting for a cloud application, you need to make sure your staff are appropriately trained in using it. Those who aren’t the most tech-savvy might find themselves falling into old habits or saving documents on their personal computer instead of in the Cloud. Then when they try to find that work from another location, staff wonder why they can’t find the work they need – which can lead to all kinds of panic contacting, trying to get someone to send them the correct file. This is a whole security issue involving employees accessing each other’s PCs and dramatically impacts time efficiency. So you can see why having an optimised cloud storage system could already streamline your remote office.

Benefits of Cloud Applications

1.      Probably the most important of all, and therefore first in line, is that cloud services make sure you stay connected, collaborative, and productive even when out of the office.

2.      Boost your security and gain easier data recovery with cloud applications without spending extra money or time.

3.      Since cloud services are hosted off-site, the dedicated Cloud service providers take care of all the software updates, and they are good at it.

4.      Your team can access any needed data or documentation and carry-on working, regardless of their location, so long as they have internet.

5.      A Forbes survey revealed that 64% of respondents reported better communication and collaboration between team members.

6.      Cloud systems allow smaller companies access to state-of-the-art tools and technologies, allowing them to act fast and efficiently.

7.      In the long run, Cloud applications are cheaper. For example, you can stop buying lots of hard drives, and custom software mean fewer costs for the number of users on the system.

8.      As well as being cheaper, it is also better for the environment, reducing your carbon footprint!

As you can see, teams can log into workplace systems at any location, which has massively helped productivity and helped businesses stay afloat during the lockdown. Whatever the time zone you are in, you can allow for reliable connectivity. Not only does this support your existing team, but it also allows for company growth in areas businesses could not imagine reaching before.

At some point in the next year, if you haven’t already, you will likely need to move business onto a cloud system, and Smashed Crab can be there to help. Cloud Applications are quickly dominating the workplace, be sure not to get left behind with out-of-date methods or fall victim to a security breach due to localised hazards. If you are interested in learning more about how Cloud Applications could work for you and your team, drop us a call at 01482 935 356 or email at Alternatively, you can fill in our contact form below.

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