Can databases help my business?

A lot of businesses store information in many different forms and within different software. In filing cabinets, spreadsheets, and CRM packages to name just a few. This often leads to a lot of time being wasted and information being missed, which can lead to errors and customer delays. It can even slow down access for management, making decisions much slower and more difficult.

A good database will centralise, organise and automate your business information, meaning data is kept up to date, is easily accessible and 

Some examples of how databases can be used to improve business processes

A good software development company will be able to integrate all aspects of your business data. However, the examples below give specific examples of how databases could be used singularly or as part of a larger bespoke software system that will adapt to the changing needs of an organisation.

Training management and record keeping:

Whether you are a training provider or a manufacturer that trains employees in H&S/First aid etc, a database will intimate the need for time consuming paper records and spreadsheets. It will organise records & events, reminding the administrators/managers when something is due, how much time it will take and interact with a calendar. Reporting will be almost instantaneous and always up to date. Records will not be lost/delayed in someone's email inbox. Trainer and trainee information can be stored and used as required. No one will be put in danger through their training being forgotten about. Your business can stay compliant.

Facility / Hospitality booking and pricing information:

A well build database will be able to handle room/seat availability and bookings, integrate with your invoicing/accounting system for easy invoicing, as well as different packages and ticket deals if applicable. No more double bookings! All data will be up to date and be accessible via a client facing portal and/or internal staff for fast and accurate availability when enquiries come over the phone/email/social media etc. If things like risk assessments or insurance details  need to be ‘attached’ to bookings, they can be simply attached to that room/exhibition stand booking.

Product information & stock management system:

If your business has products of various sizes/specification or long BOMs (Bill of Materials) for end products, then a database will help manage both components of products (making sure you have the component stock to complete a number of products, as well as ensuring you have the right amount of stock for projected orders. Keep all the information you need with each product, for example, SKU number, images and barcodes.

Exporting data such as stock value and stock that didn’t pass quality control will be available as you need it.

Will the database be easy to use?

Databases can hold and manipulate a lot of information, but that doesn’t mean it has to be over complicated to use. A well built database will be intuitive to use, with the information you require being easy to find. It will be designed around your business and employees.

Why not an off-the-shelf database?

While an off the shelf package will do a good job and be ready to use right away, here are some reasons to consider a custom made database instead:

  • Pay just for the features you will use
  • It will be agile - able to grow and adapt with your business
  • Just one missing feature, and you off-the-shelf package will not work for you
  • Have data migrated for you - once your database is ready, you can hit the ground running (without weeks of integration/configuration taking up your time)
  • Each member of staff can have their own login without paying user licences
  • A competitive advance - It will be unique to you, with all the features you need to reduce costs and increase efficiency
  • Happy customers - with your up to date and accurate database, you will be able to keep customers informed 

Smashed Crab Software have created many database systems for clients. If you would like to read more please visit our Bespoke Database page or get a quote, please contact us.

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