Coronavirus Diary - Starting a new job during Lockdown

Welcome to our Marketing Executive, Jayne - Her perspective of starting a new job remotely.

Not many people will have experienced starting a new job from home due to the Coronavirus, but our new Marketer has done just that, here is her perspective.

I started my role on 1 April 2020, prior to this I must admit that I had worried that the business would change their mind about me starting, or delay it. But no, they stuck to their word, and my working life began at Smashed Crab Studio.

I was set up for working life at home before the lockdown began, picking up a laptop and being checked that I had everything I needed.

I am an experienced marketer, so that side of the role didn’t phase me, but normally when beginning at a new company, I would spend time following people, seeing what they do and how they work - getting to know their offering by watching it happen. This was missing and it felt odd and a little lonely, but instead I concentrated on researching competitors and new markets, and also creating more presence on social media.

The strangest thing has been trying to get to know the other people without actually meeting them properly. I enjoy this part as it humanises the workplace. The ones I had seen when picking up my laptop, where just faces - I never remember names on my first meeting. But I must admit that the MD Alex has done a great job with aiding the newbie process, getting each person to introduce themselves to me and telling me what they do, all through instant message software.

A typical working day

My Coronavirus Lockdown typical working day involves journeying down to my office, breakfast in hand and catching up with any articles or interesting posts. We like to vary our social media content, so I plan & implement throughout the week. I am always on the lookout for new information or engagements with the business community, especially within Yorkshire, as we have an office in Hull & Sheffield.

Depending on the day of the week, other activities include writing articles, checking & reporting analytics & data, performing market research and writing plans for the future. We don’t know how the working environment will ‘settle’ after restrictions are eased, so I am making multiple versions of marketing strategies and will follow developments closely.

During the day, I make time to go for a walk, usually early afternoon (weather dependent) and then eat lunch at my desk. It definitely helps improve my concentration, and I highly recommend it.

Looking on the bright side

There are positives - no journey to work, so more time to spend at home or on a local walk. The social aspect has been managed well, we have many chats per day and not all about work. Then there is the monthly takeaway (normally a meal out) which helps boost morale. They are all a friendly team, I am looking forward to meeting them properly.

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