Covid-19 Homeworking - A fresh perspective

Covid-19 Homeworking - A fresh perspective (quoting software, Bruce Springsteen and pizza)

Our third installment is from our very own Software Developer, Tony, who describes a typical Coronavirus, homeworking day - not as boring as it sounds.

Every morning, I wake up after the 3rd or 4th alarm goes off. The whole lockdown situation has made me a little lazier than I usually am, as I don’t need to get up as early as I am used to. I’m enjoying working from home though, as I don’t have to sit in awful amounts of traffic, both before and after work!  I eventually get out of bed and have a shower, before going downstairs to turn on my work laptop and to make a green tea.

I send a message to my work colleagues via Slack at the start of every working day, just to say that I’m still alive! I’ll then check my emails, and open the project that I have been working on, alongside the Azure DevOps board, in order to see which tasks I will take for that morning. After a task has been completed, I go back and update the board. The system works just as well with us homeworking.

I usually get a call from Tom, the Lead Developer at Smashed Crab Studio, in order to have a quick catch up and to discuss the plans for the day. After the call, I start listening to music. As everyone in the office knows, I usually listen to something along the lines of Bruce Springsteen, Blackberry Smoke, Johnny Cash, etc., but I do like to put it on shuffle and “see” what comes up! Back in the office, I could always guarantee that whenever Tom came over to my desk, that one of the same songs would be on. I promise that I don’t just sit with one song on repeat!

My Thursday

I wanted to pick a day to be more specific about, so here it is, a Thursday in June 2020.

One of the tasks that I have been working on this morning was to update a Quote Document that is generated by our software, for our client to send to their customers. I added a few new product features/fields into the app, ensuring that pricing was correct and consistent throughout the app, but also in the breakdown in the document. I also did some refactoring of code that was responsible for the PDF generation, and I played around with some of the aesthetic aspects of the document. Overall, not too bad of a task and I enjoyed getting the PDF to look good again, after the new additions caused some small visual errors!

My changes went through the CI pipeline, and after a short while, I was able to return and test them on the development environment, before pushing them to the production site!

For lunch, I made a pizza with the dough that I made yesterday. I then did a little bit of gardening to get some fresh air and a break from the screen. It’s amazing how much you can get done on your dinner hour, when you’re at home!

One task after lunch was to implement visual feedback into the application that I was working on. When a new product was being added by a user, the feedback would inform them that the action was successful, or if it wasn’t, it would provide them with a useful error message.

The rest of the day was spent fixing little bugs that were found during testing. I finished the day with a call from Tom. We discussed the progress that was made throughout the day.

After work I made a curry, played my guitar for a little while, practiced some Italian, and then chilled out with my partner, watching a few films that she and I had chosen.

Do I prefer homeworking?

All in all, I do enjoy working from home, as it has many benefits. However, I also miss the fun and friendly nature of all my colleagues in the office (they are a decent bunch). You miss out on things that you don’t bother with so much when you have to type it on Slack. I bet the others don't miss my cheesy puns and jokes, though! I try to squeeze them in when we have a call, as they're too brie-lliant to keep to myself. Staying safe (and keeping away from my puns) is more important and we are all playing our part here at Smashed Crab!

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