Data management software - how would it benefit my business?

Data Management tends to be for Enterprise Software - a package to view, manipulate and report on internal information such as stocks, errors, and damages as opposed to being directly linked to customer experience.

Even small businesses need to manage and use data well in order to maintain or improve the relevant scopes that matter most to their business. For manufacturers this could be stock control, damages, and quality control but for another business type could be product details and accurate quoting or perhaps inspection calendars and maintenance details.

When spreadsheets won’t cut the mustard any longer, data management is required.

The benefits

The benefits to your organisation will depend on a few factors, but as a guide, most of these will apply.

A good data management system will undoubtedly:

  • Improve workflow speed
  • Reduce time to perform tasks
  • Reduce errors requiring further attention
  • Improve accuracy
  • Help get information to customers faster
  • Simplify workflow
  • Combine many types of data into one dashboard
  • Improve accuracy and timeliness of reporting
  • Easier analysis of data

In addition, if you choose a bespoke Data Management solution, you will gain from the added benefit of the software being able to manage all the types of data your business uses, plus allowing for future additions as your company evolves (being agile - the software can grow with your business).

I already have data stored in some software, will i have to start again?

Absolutely not.

There are two choices here, which one is right for you will depend on the type of data, how you want to use it, and the ability of the current software system.

  1. You can get your new management software to import the data into the new system. This is entirely possible, especially with a bespoke software provider.
  2. The data can stay in the current system and the new software can be built to interact with it seamlessly and securely.

Data Security

A prime concern for businesses is the security of their data, whether it be customer information or internal details, this is always a question we get asked.

Cloud based applications are ideal for most businesses. They ensure all the latest industry standards are up to date and eliminate the need for onsite servers/storage of data (which is a security risk in itself).

Smashed Crab Software are experts in building bespoke data managements systems for all types of organisations, from micro businesses to international companies. Get in touch for an informal chat or a quote.

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