Future proofing business through digital transformation

As we have all experienced; unplanned and disruptive global incidents can happen and really do affect our businesses, but can we protect ourselves against these events?

Alex Beamer, MD at technical operational software firm Smashed Crab Software discusses what can help mitigate the risks in the future.

There is no denying that the business landscape has shifted - more of a landslide for some, due to the Covid-19 pandemic. Now more than ever business leaders are beginning to view the changing environment as a challenge they must rise to meet at the risk of being left behind or worse, not surviving.

Business leaders are realising that digital transformation (DX) is no longer a ‘nice to have’, It’s essential. But why?

There are two main real benefits to be technology ready:

Business Continuity

By this we mean having the ability to continue the operation of your business in difficult situations such as staff not being to travel to the office, to enable regular home working as an employee benefit or during a worldwide pandemic. Employees should be able to continue with 100% of their job without compromising on sharing or inputting information.

Customer Experience

No matter how your business is operating day to day, the customer experience should be maintained in difficult times (such as pandemics or staff remote working), or improved in advance should provisions allow.

What is DX and what can be improved with it?

Digital transformation involves the building of a digital system in which there is coherent and seamless integration between customers, partners, employees, suppliers, and external entities. Done right, this software will improve efficiency, reduce errors, save costs, and create a better customer experience. It will also have the side effect of strengthening your brand and protecting your business & jobs.

Cloud based software is one solution. Finding the right software fit for your business is crucial. You should no longer be relying on shared data being inputted into spreadsheets or emails. Investing in a strong database back-end will improve your day to day working methods. Having this cloud based means that it can be accessed from anywhere with an internet connection. This keeps information up to date and ready to give to customers should the need arise.

You should look at ways to improve your operations through software and technology, not only to protect the business (and the people within) through pandemics and other difficult times, but also to find better, more efficient ways of working.

If an organisation can allow itself to change and embrace DX, it will not only protect itself from future unknowns, but it will also allow itself to manage growth and set itself apart from the competition.

Speak to us at Smashed Crab Software to find out what changes can be made in your organisation and how tailor made software can be right for your business.

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