How IoT relates to the world of business

With digital technologies being pushed to the forefront during the Coronavirus pandemic, there is an urgency amongst business leaders to develop and implement fresh and appropriate tech into their strategies both in the short and long term.

The popularity of IoT (Internet of Things) technology has increased considerably in the last decade. Smart phones can connect to devices at home such as central heating, lighting or a smart TV. The service which makes use of the internet to network with devices through Wifi, is also highly useful in the business world for collecting data, giving or inputting an instruction, just to name just a few.

A simple example would be a security alarm fitter that would get a notification if an alarm on their system is triggered. They or their client could then receive a notification or email asking them to check out the site, alert the police or reset the alarm.

How can IoT make my business more efficient and competitive?

Imagine two pest control companies. The first has drivers that spend their days visiting clients to check the trap boxes. In a typical day, the operator finds and disposes of 12 rodents, one of which had been trapped two weeks before, just after they last visited. It is not a pleasant sight. That operator has checked 120 boxes across 48 different locations, but found only a handful that needed emptying.

The second operator has a list of triggered pest boxes to clean up and reset. The management software tells them the most efficient route to visit these clients. This operator gets to 100 boxes across 60 locations, all of which required emptying. No time has been wasted and this day has been more efficient.

This of course is one simple example of how an SME can use IoT technology to benefit them.

Tom, Lead Developer at Smashed Crab Studio comments: “The pandemic has served as a catalyst for organisations who realised that those who had already digital transformation found business continuity easier than those that hadn’t. There has been a realisation that if they don’t embrace technology, they could get left behind by competitors who perform their tasks/service faster and in a smoother, time saving manor.”

Using devices to send data through the internet could prove extremely useful for industry, especially those that have some off-site elements. If you would like to have a no obligation discussion about your business and how IoT could be implemented, please get in touch.

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