Introducing Liam!

Liam joined the crabs as Software Developer in October 2020 and only spent one working day in the office before he began working from home (all of the team are WFH at the moment as 1. they are able to do so, and 2. we care about their health).

But let’s get to know Liam!

Liam's first paid job was in a factory who manufactured items within the medical industry. He was introduced to the company during school work experience at the age of 15, but they liked each other that much that the company took him on.

Liam is a graduate of Hull University, having achieved his computer science degree. He has had one development job before joining Smashed Crab Software - but was also very hands on during his degree, taking on extra learning opportunities to build up his experience further. We are confident in Liam’s abilities and he is a valued member of our team already.

On a personal level, Liam enjoys out of hours activities (like most of us do). He is a social animal, and enjoys spending time with friends and family, practising his driving skills in preparation for his test and, like most of us here at Smashed Crab, playing video games.

Part of our company culture is a monthly staff meal, but since March, this has been a take away and quiz or game over video call. Liam’s go to take away food is pizza.

We welcome him to the team!

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