Is Data Management Software Right for Me?

Data, it’s the thing that makes the world go round. Without it, we would have little idea of what was working, and what wasn’t working, for our businesses. It’s hard to think of a business or sector that doesn’t work with or need to analyse data in some way to better operate. So, it’s less about “is data management software right for me” and more about “When is data management software right for me”. We all produce, share, analyse data every day in our lives, but its at what velocity and volume that we produce it that the next step in data analysing is to invest in specialist software to manage and aid in its review to make business conscious decisions.

What Is Data

Data is the information we collect to better determine our operations. This could be in the form of employee information, output numbers on a production line, trends in sick leave, stocks and income and many other numbers of things. What can be attributed to data is endless, and when correctly analysed, can provide new processes for improvements that benefit the company tenth fold.
Data isn’t just something for large companies, small businesses can also benefit massively from collecting and analysing data. Even a coffee shop can improve production speeds and cut costs by reflecting on their most popular products, how quickly certain ingredients are used up, their busy and slow periods, and the layout of their workspace.

What Is Data Management Software?

Data management is the act of storing, organising, managing, and analysing the data gathered by the business. Large or small, no matter the sector. Data management can be applied to everyone, and Data Management Software, is when keeping everything in spreadsheets just isn’t feasible anymore. It might be free to manually enter all your information, every day into a spreadsheet or form, but your time and labour is not. We know you would much rather be spending your time actioning change that will help your business, rather than spending all your time and energy simply entering the data to begin with.
Data is valuable, often seen as a corporate asset, as it is used to help make informed business decisions, improve marketing campaigns, reduce costs, and optimise business operations and processes. Data Management Software takes all your processes and automates the input of data into a system which can pump out reports on patterns, habits, some software’s can even produce recommendations.

Why Use Data Management Software

If your business doesn’t have a well-designed data system, you could be experiencing a lot of errors and difficulties when trying to process your data. This could look like siloed systems that are hard to integrate and manage, difficulties managing between different systems, spending a lot of time trying to merge data into a conducive manner to analyse and risks to security of the data. Do you find you have these problems with your current data management processes? It could be time to think about a specially designed custom data management software.

Benefits of Data Management Software

Depending on the type of business you run, the benefits will vary, however the following will most likely apply to you:

- Improvements to workflow speed, reducing the time it takes to perform tasks
- Improve accuracy which reduces errors requiring further attention
- Help getting helpful and correct information to customers faster
- It’s possible to simplify workflow, which helps in quality control
- Combine many types of data into one dashboard, making it easier to see patterns
- Easier analysis of data ensures the improvements to accuracy and timeliness of reporting
- Existing data can be carried over to new software, so you do not lose any historical insights
- Increased security of your data through cloud-based applications
- Gain competitive advantage by enabling better decision making and operational effectiveness
- Encourage Agile working, enabling reactiveness, new business opportunities and the ability to spot market trends

Do you see any benefits that sound good to you? Anything you think could be a good change to your current business model? Consider Data Management Software to push the success of your company.

Smashed Crab are specialists in producing Data Management Software for many different sizes of businesses, for whichever industry. Our partners and clients stem from sectors across the board, giving us a great perspective of the worlds in which you work in. This insight and experience allow us to make perfectly suited Data Management Software to suit your needs. Contact us today for a chat about your needs, and how we can help provide you with the perfect solution. Smashed Crab provides a personal service on a schedule that fits you. If you are interested in learning more about how Data Management Software could work for you and your team, drop us a call at 01482 935 356 or email at Alternatively, you can fill in our contact form below.

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