My legacy system is no longer fit for purpose, what can I do?

If you have a software system that is becoming difficult to use because it is outdated, then don’t worry. In this blog we discuss what your options are moving forwards. .

1: Stay the same

We admit, this isn’t the best choice if your system is already beginning to slow down or no longer supports your changing requirements. It won’t get any better and your competitors will soon do things more efficiently than you. We don’t recommend this option in the long run.

2: Invest in a custom dashboard that integrates with your legacy systems

With this option, the idea is that you would have a central dashboard which would process the data that is still stored in your old software. This is done through an API instruction (a kind of digital data bridge) and depending on the legacy software you have the new dashboard could allow for a two way communication feed. This would allow you to build new functionality without overhauling everything.

Although this is a very good solution, there is a risk that eventually the integration could fail as the legacy systems could eventually no longer function properly. You should view this as a medium term solution.

3: Get new custom software or SaaS and importing legacy data into it

This is the best option long term.  As the system can be built in a way to tailor to both your needs now and in the future, it will last the longest.

The advantage of a bespoke software solution over a SaaS is that it can be developed to run the way you need it to as well as being agile enough  to be updated for future requirements. Your software development company should also manage all the data transfer for you. You may have to do this yourself or lose old data with a SaaS solution.

Going down the bespoke solution route will also allow for the software being developed to not alienate those employees with less confident digital skills. Perhaps a few similar functions would make them feel ‘at home’ with it?

Options 2 and 3 will help you speed up your processes as well as reduce errors and costs. Newer software will also include the most up to date security features and storage solutions.

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