Smashed Crab Studio - What would you think they did, going purely by the name?

Following some market research, the company with the quirky name, have decided to amend it to try to communicate their service to the unsuspecting. They have changed their name from Smashed Crab Studio to Smashed Crab Software….. But why?

The Hull & Sheffield based business software company, which celebrated their 6th birthday in May 2020 had built up a feeling from various business dealings that a lot of potential clients may not understand what they do and they may get overlooked - purely because of their name. So the MD & Marketing Executive used some of the slower time (due to the Coronavirus pandemic) to look into it more.

The company asked a range of people of working age, across various demographics & industries what services they thought Smashed Crab Studio provided, just from the name. They got all sorts of answers, only two were along the right lines. Here are some of the weirder responses:

  • Seaside artwork
  • Something exercise based
  • Cartoon production
  • Some sort of wacky design
  • Art using broken shells

But amongst the comments were some more sensible guesses: albeit, still wrong:

  • Food PR
  • Graphic design
  • Music production
  • Marketing agency

But by far the best was “I don’t know what you do, but I bet it was set up by a drunk cancerian.” Referring of course to the star sign Cancer. Our sources say that this report is in fact ….. Not true.

Smashed Crab Software MD, Alex Beamer comments:

“We didn’t want to lose our personality, hence why we haven’t changed the name to something too dull or corporate sounding. We felt Smashed Crab Software better communicates what we produce while also remaining a quirky & memorable name.”

Business Software has been forced to the forefront for companies following the Coronavirus guidelines around homeworking. The right software can help make remote work as effective as being based in the office.

Alex, who has a genuine passion for software development, remarks:

“The right piece of operational software means that everyone can input relevant and up to date information for others employees to see. No more updating spreadsheets or relying on others reading emails. If all the information you need is in one simple to use dashboard then you then you can work anywhere with an internet connection.

“The benefits of this far outway the investment costs - cost savings from fewer details getting missed through emails, everyone being up to date with the information they need to do their job effectively, cost savings from fewer errors, happier, less stressed staff, improvements to customer service, and most importantly the time taken to do manual tasks. This is just a few examples - the list goes on.”

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