Software Migration for the Small Business - Is it as scary as it sounds?

We all know that businesses deal with a lot of data, some may be in paper form, others in spreadsheets and some within software packages such as a CRM (Customer Relationship Management) or an accounting package.

Analysing and working with the data, perhaps passing it to the right person is time consuming and is open to human error. For example, new stock coming in, allocating it to a number of pre-orders, then invoicing for those items. Having this on a spreadsheet may work, but is it effective and timely?

Can data be better managed?

Small businesses that are growing often need to change the way they store and manage data - there are often better ways to do it that are more efficient and that reduce errors and hold ups. The ‘new’ way your organisation manages data will depend on your individual needs and requirements, and what kind of data you utilise.

Having easier access to data that you know is up-to-date, being shared between different people, departments or locations means the job can be done quicker, with fewer mistakes and improve the customer experience.

Software built to individual requirements

We understand that data comes in different forms, and needs to be processed, stored and managed in different ways. The difference with tailor made software (compared to off-the-shelf) is that it is built to work how you need it to. No spending weeks trying to make it do what you want - we do all that for you. No worries, no stress.

Moving the data - Do I have to spend my time on it?

No. We will set everything up, test that it is working with dummy data, then go live with your business data. We will make sure everything is right and working well. This isn’t a one off, all new data will be sorted and integrated and managed by the same system.

Business Continuity

With us working off site, you can continue to work normally until the new system goes live. Your new data management software / database will be intuitive, easy to use and secure.


All in all, no, data migration - changing the way you work with your business information isn’t as scary as it sounds. It is about improving working and data storage practices on your terms and the way that is right for your company.

Written by Tom, Lead Developer, Smashed Crab Studio

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