What is scalable software, and why would I need it for my business?

Keeping it simple, scalable software has the ability to adapt and grow along with your business’s needs.

Depending on what the functions your software performs, it could support an increasing amount of data, new and changing functionality and customer types. Not to mention being able to adapt to changing technologies.

It is impossible to know exactly how your business will need to function in the future. Software that can ‘grow’ along with its increasing usage and your business culture will serve you well.

Why should I choose flexible software?

It is typically cheaper and faster to upgrade a current system that employees are used to than to replace it with something new. It is because of this that scalable software offers a long-term advantage over fixed or SaaS (Software as a service) packages.

Built for your business, it will work for you much better than off-the-shelf software. On top of this, you will own the software - none of your competitors will have the same system!

It will be able to cater to your businesses and your clients needs both now and in the future.

Where can I find scalable software that works perfectly for MY business?

If you have decided to look into bespoke and scalable software further, you should start by searching for a couple of software development companies. Smashed Crab Software is always happy to talk through your requirements and provide a free quote.

Get in touch to find out if a scalable solution would be right for you.

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