Why invest in custom made software for your business

I doubt any business leader would disagree that finding the right software is important for their continuity and growth. Afterall, any business that stands still, and doesn’t adapt, moves backwards.

Here we discuss, what can business software and custom software achieve, and what are the reasons for choosing bespoke software rather than off-the-shelf?

Why invest in software at all?

The right operations software for your company can help manage data, tasks and processes, more than likely improving speed, accuracy and quality. Workflows can be simplified, some become automated, and a lot of paperwork can be eliminated.

All of these in turn, lead to good customer service and happy, productive staff. The benefits you gain will depend on the improvements required and the solution you choose.

Here are some of the reasons to consider a bespoke solution:

1. Targeted

Every business runs in its own way and in its own style. Even competing companies can be different and have strengths and weaknesses. The advantage of bespoke software here, is that it can be made to address your exact needs or future goals.

2. Integration with other used software

Custom software can be designed around other software systems you want to keep. It will seamlessly interact with it to pull out  or feed back in the data required. Therefore, bespoke development gives you control over what other systems can be used.

3. Scalability

Unless you can predict the future, you don’t know exactly what will affect your business in the future (look at Covid) or when and what areas you will grow. Bespoke software allows you to customise features according to your current needs. As those needs change, at your own pace, so can your software function.

4. No configuration time

You don’t have to spend time configuring your software to suit you or inputting data, with bespoke software, all of this will be done for you, the way you need it to be.

5. Efficiency savings where needed

Off-the-shelf software is not designed for YOUR specific problems or business needs. Standardised software does not focus on areas of improvement identified by you, all businesses function differently and can save time and money in different targeted areas.

6. Cost effectiveness

With custom software, you're not paying for features that you won’t use. Off-the-shelf packages are designed to appeal to the most business they can, but this means that users are essentially charged for features and functions that are not of use to them and will never get used. With bespoke business software, made just for you, this cost is eliminated.

7. Competitive advantage

If you choose to invest in your own software, then non of your competitors will have your system. While they are spending time and money trying to get a software package to fit them, you are working well,  improving your day to day business functions and getting ahead of them.

8. No license fees per user

This may seem like a small detail from the outside, but as you grow, and therefore so does your workforce, this cost can become a cause for concern. I have been in businesses myself where some members of staff weren’t given access to software systems because of the expense of adding new licenses, so their jobs became less efficient as a result.

Are you worried about the cost?

There is one more advantage of bespoke software, that you wouldn’t expect - it doesn’t cost as much as you think it might. Sure there are bespoke development companies out there that will tell you that you need all these functions including, in order to get more money from you, but then there are smaller, independent ones like Smashed Crab Software, that will create the software solution you need to suit your budget.

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