Workforce and Job Reporting Suite

Contego Environmental Services Ltd.
A fully integrated, live update Job Management System
Q4 2019 - Q1 2020
ASP.Net Core, ReactJS, C#, T-SQL, Visual Studio, Microsoft Azure
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Contego Environmental Services Ltd. are a national pest control company whose clients include KFC, Subway and Biffa. They help their clients comply with laws such as the Food Safety Act 1990 and the Food Hygiene (England) Regulations 2006. They have agents throughout the UK who visit and inspect their client’s sites.

Company employees were using a job management tool which at the time, met their requirements. However, times changed and they realised that their current system was holding them back. Their clients now demanded a system which they could log into in order to manage actions and create their own reports in real time. Previously, Contego had to email their clients after every visit was completed. This took a lot of time, and so the new system would also benefit them.

The new software, created by us, begins with a central Job Management Dashboard, to which individual users can log into to see the information that is relevant to them - KFC can only see their own information for example.

From here they can see an overview of key information in graph format, and lists of all the key information they need such as today's jobs, risk ratings, urgent actions etc. All are clickable so that the user can drill into each item for more information, including PDF paperless documents and photos.

"The new software has revolutionised the way and the speed we work. Our administration and management of jobs is now fast, accurate and always up to date."

Following the implementation of the software, Contego lists “Bespoke online reporting and job management” as one of their features/benefits. This is because they know that access to real time, accurate information is crucial to their clients, and that without it, they would lose business.

"It was a pleasure to work with Tim and the Smashed Crab team. They easily integrated with our existing software and created a tool that enabled us to step up our offering and attract larger clients. If you are looking for custom software, they have my recommendation."

-Norman, Managing Director, Contego Environmental Services Ltd.

Summary of features:

  • Dashboard of information/status
  • Open, amend and complete actions
  • Due visits schedule
  • PDF paperwork
  • Client access/reporting

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