Development of a Palliative Care reference guide

Hull York Medical School (NHS)
Development of a Palliative Care reference guide for the NHS. Deployed on Apple & Google App Stores.
2016 & 2019
.Net, C#, Xamarin, XAML, iOS, Android.
Enrolment Screen Shot

As part of the Hull York Medical School’s (HYMS) commitment to improving access to essential documentation, Smashed Crab Software were engaged to develop a mobile-friendly guide for Palliative Care. Historically the guide was delivered as either a PDF or printed as a booklet for distribution through the academic department. By developing a mobile app instead, it is much easier for medical staff external to HYMS to access the information.

The app was created in the cross-platform environment Xamarin to make it quicker and easier to push to the two major app stores, the Apple App Store and Google Play. By reusing the code-base for both, the App could be developed in almost half the time saving us and HYMS development time and money.

The main features include a searchable data base with bookmarking and a ‘most viewed’ pages index.

The application was updated by Smashed Crab Software again in 2019, with the next review expected in three years’ time.

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