Visualising Longwall Mining Operations

Development of a Longwall Miner Visualisation
2018 - 2020
C#, Unity3D, Java & Tomcat Server
Enrolment Screen Shot

We worked with Komatsu to create a 3D visualisation of the data feeds that they receive from their Longwall mining equipment.

The aim of this project was to provide engineers above surface with a visual understanding of what was going on underground.

Using the full CAD models of the machinery and location tracking on the operatives, we created an accurate simulation of the longwall equipment in operation on the coal face, with both real time and recorded data captured by the sensors underground.

Komatsu are beginning to use this as a tool as a way to allow them to move more operators out of the dangerous underground environment and have them working on the surface, therefore reducing the associated risks and minimising costs - monetary and human.

We continue to work with Komatsu as their product line improves and their customers demand extra functionality within the visualisation.

The visualisation in action

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