Innovative Asset Management System

TesTex NDT Ltd
Design & Development of an Asset Integrity Management System (AIM)
Q3 2019 - Q1 2020
.Net, .Net Core, MVC ASP.Net, ReactJS, C#, T-SQL, Visual Studio
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TesTex NDT are a leading international Non-Destructive Testing and Inspection company for fixed assets in a wide range of industries. Smashed Crab Software worked with the UK based team to bring to life a concept for a new Asset Integrity Management System (AIM). The intention was to bring the industry into the 21st century.

“The industry we operate in is dominated by off-the-shelf software that hasn’t changed in decades. The software packages currently on offer are complex, slow, expensive and most importantly, not user friendly. Smashed Crab Software have helped us disrupt the status quo of asset management software within our industry by developing a simple, fast, low cost, and user-friendly system.”

— Trevor Richardson, Asset Integrity Manager, TesTex NDT

There was a real need for a modern, intuitive and forward-thinking Asset Management system. The design was intended to emphasise an asset-first approach. Meaning instead of working down a long hierarchy to find the information you need, you can be looking at an asset’s entire data set and history in only a couple of clicks.

This bespoke software solution has enabled a large aspect of TesTex’s operations to become paper-free for the first time. Regulatory compliance processes are now handled digitally meaning auditing has never been so easy and transparent

Alongside having a solution that means their engineers can work more efficiently and effectively, TesTex’s custom software is also used by their customers. It hugely simplifies the process of reporting and client sign-off procedures - again, this is now all done digitally. Instead of relying on calendars and post-it notes, the system now notifies both TesTex and their clients of upcoming work.

“We now have something that looks great during the sales process with new and existing clients. The AIM system easily demonstrates our tools, processes and professionalism. Our clients love the visibility it gives them over their infrastructure.”

— Richard Armitage, Senior Manager (Business Development), TesTex NDT

TesTex are now looking to digitise thousands of documents, from new and old clients, to utilise the power of the new AIM system. Smashed Crab Software have created a number of import tools to help get customer data in and running as quickly as possible. Smashed Crab continue to support TesTex and together are looking at the road map for the system going forward, being both reactive and proactive with the changing needs of the industry.

“We are impressed by Smashed Crab Software’s development process, quality and speed of work, and the level of service we receive. Alex is always quick to respond to issues and has helped with demonstrating the software on our behalf. Smashed Crab Software are a true technical partner and it shows they care about our continued success as well.”

— Simon Mackenzie, Managing Director, TesTex NDT

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