Improve the speed, accuracy, and safety of the enrolment process

We understand that the enrolment process requires serious coordination between MIS, Data and Admissions teams. Digitising this process turns a once time-consuming task into something that is simple and easy.
Smashed Crab Software have successfully developed and deployed a digital online enrolment system for one of the UK's FE colleges.
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The problem

As you will know, enrolment is a long, arduous task that is quite often one of the biggest events on a college’s calendar. It requires serious coordination between MIS, Data and Admissions teams.

The help

A new enrolment system will help both staff and students, who will benefit from significant time savings in a safe environment. Be known as a digital leader in the education industry.

The benefits

No bottleneck at peak times for students or staff, there is no limit to the amount of users enrolling at any time.
Less stress for everyone involved leading to higher satisfaction scores.

“Moving from paper to online was a huge step for us, but we were guided through the process very well. Smashed Crab developed the system which makes for a very smooth enrolment process both for staff and students, from whom very positive feedback has been received.”

John Applegate, Director of Funding and Information Services
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