Manufacturing & Wholesale

Whether you manufacture goods or you warehouse and wholesale them, no matter the amount of SKUs you have, our tailor made software will handle all the product information you need it to.
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We can connect currently isolated systems together to reduce double entry and improve data integrity. We can even connect with external APIs such as address validation.

Painless communication

Easily update other departments about a change in circumstance, a delay, or an update on a project. Users can simply log on to see the real-time information they need.


If you want to be reporting on more metrics than you are currently we can help to improve your data capture through implementing analytics or additional fields in forms.

Our software can be designed to help with a range of functions including:

  • Production schedule management.
  • BOMs & supplier management.
  • Factory - Sales office communication.
  • Delivery schedules & reporting.
  • Customer Records & Communication (CRM).
  • Quoting.
  • Errors & issues reporting.
  • Two way information share with retail website.
  • Integration with your accounts package.
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Improve operations and reduce costs

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