Custom Cloud Applications to bring your business into the future

All of your information, accessible from anywhere, safe and secure.

The power of Cloud Applications has affected every working person in the world in recent years, thanks to the rise in home work across all sectors. You and your employees will likely have already used Cloud Applications to develop new working standards. Cloud Applications allow your employees and clients to access important information from anywhere in the world via any connected device.

We can help you migrate to a custom Cloud Application with ease, keeping all your data safe with increased security, and ensuring uninterrupted productivity with new, streamlined access processes.
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Do you need Cloud Applications?

Is your business currently operating on an on-site server? Or maybe you can't have employees work from home because of your data infrastructure? If this is you, it may be worth considering moving into Cloud-based Applications to future proof your business. Not only are custom Cloud Applications faster, more affordable, and more secure for all of your data, but they are also highly intuitive. In addition, Cloud Applications address, help, and solve existing issues among your workforce processes.

Locally stored applications have limited space, increased security risk and hinder flexibility amongst employees. With Cloud software, you will no longer need large servers taking up space and using energy, and your data becomes encrypted, meaning it remains safe and secure. You will no longer struggle to save large spreadsheets or email back and forth attachments. Free up space and increase the speed and health of your hardware with custom Cloud Applications.
Easy to deploy, update, and analyse
Clean, straightforward design that is easy to use
Cost effective scaling and infrastructure
Increase data security with roles and permissions
Grow and adapt to changing environments
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Ready to move to the cloud?

Why choose Custom Cloud Applications?

Are you deciding to take the plunge into the world of Cloud Applications? Many options are available on the market, off the shelf or made to order. Therefore, It is essential to understand the main benefits of opting for custom Cloud-based software.

Bespoke Cloud Applications can be more cost-effective in the long run thanks to our developers working closely with your team to address exact pain points and joint issues before analysing day-to-day processes for opportunities for increased efficiency.

Custom Cloud Applications help keep your business competitive. You will be able to keep up with demands and facilitate the growing needs of your business. In addition, employees will work more effectively with faster hardware and streamlined processes. Employees will no longer need to force applications to work together and transfer data from one system to another, say goodbye to spreadsheets! This faster functioning way of working increases employee productivity and customer satisfaction. We provide a variety of Cloud computing services and solutions, including the following:
Cloud App Development

We like creating and implementing custom Cloud Application Development that customises to your scalability requirements. We always use a mobile-first design approach to create high-performance enterprise Cloud apps. We have experience with Cloud app deployment in public, private, and hybrid environments

Cloud Migration Service

We can move apps to the Cloud using migration strategies, ensuring data security.

Custom Web Apps

Our Cloud applications are unique to fit your specific requirements, built for your needs alone and scaled precisely for your business.

Cloud Security and Risk Management

We offer custom security integration solutions, Cloud security audits, risk, and identity management, as well as technical security architecture consulting to keep your business secure and your mind at ease.

Are Custom Cloud Applications
Right for Your Business?

Cloud Applications are great for most businesses and industries but especially ideal for those with remote staff. Employees can access and enter all the real-time data they need quickly and accurately, and benefit from improved security measures on their documents.

We understand that Cloud hosting may not be appropriate for every business, so we ask you to get in touch now to see if your organisation can benefit from the Cloud.

Our Cloud Application Development Process

We value your trust in us, so we want to keep you informed on how we're doing. The closer to your company and staff we get, the better we will be able to tailor our software specifically for your needs and provide you with an optimal experience. The more we learn about you and your current situation, the more personalised an approach we can take.

When you come to us, we can first confirm whether your idea is feasible, calculate how much it will cost and suggest the optimal approach to any project.

Together, we will create high quality, business driving software. As your partner, we will always be around to provide support. Whether it is onboarding, troubleshooting, training or further cloud app development, we will be there with you.
Tell us about your business, passions, goals, and ambitions for your company. Let us know about your team members, their quirks and working styles, and most importantly, any complaints anyone has on the current working methods.
We use a design-first approach, building from bare bones to get the look and feel of your new cloud system just right.
Watch your project grow in our development stage. By keeping everything in one place, you get faster development times. We meet with you regularly to ensure that everything is on track.
We offer unwavering support for your custom Cloud Applications. Should you encounter any bugs or want to add a new feature in the future, you can always count on us. As responsible custom Cloud Application developers, we ensure your software remains up to date. Never be afraid to pick up the phone to give us a call should you have a query.
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Ready to Start?

Who are Smashed Crab Software?

Our team is based entirely within the UK at our two Yorkshire offices. All our software development is achieved in-house. We want you, our client, to visit and see the quality of our work. Seeing your ideas come to life first-hand is a great experience, and Smashed Crab aims to nurture that and the enthusiasm and excitement that comes from it.

Thrive in an ever-changing environment with adaptable and bespoke software built for purpose, with your goals in mind. With Smashed Crab, we put you in the driving seat to direct your path to success, and we help you along every step of the way. Together, we can develop a successful, expertly designed software package.

UK-based team
Qualified Staff
Flexible working models

We strive to upskill all our developers to become Microsoft Certified technology specialists. We believe in continuous staff training to keep standards sky-high. Smashed Crab develop its Custom Software processes regularly to keep everything up to date. As our client, you feel these qualifications first-hand.

With every new skill, a new widget, and code, hundreds of new ideas and ways of increasing efficiency or simplifying methods are uncovered.

“Our clients love the visibility it gives them over their infrastructure.”

Richard Armitage, Testex NDT Ltd

Why Choose Smashed Crab?

We pride ourselves in straight-talking, down to earth development that benefits the end-user. We design and build solutions that help boost security, scalability, efficiency, long term savings and many other benefits. Our Cloud-based app developers have extensive experience in private, public and hybrid cloud services. We help you choose the best system to help your team reach their goals and achieve maximum efficiency and productivity.

Our team involves you in the entire development process, starting at the beginning and sticking with you for the whole of the journey. We provide on-demand IT support for your Cloud-based apps and custom Cloud applications, so you are never left in the dark. Our team will also offer efficiency audits, SLA management and a full-scope analysis of critical cloud-based business elements.
Our unique skills

We provide a wealth of skills and expertise as well as an excellent track record.

A strong interest in innovation

We hire consultants and engineers with a creative mindset to speed up business integration.

Top-notch infrastructure

We host most solutions we build within Microsoft Azure. This cloud platform is trusted by hundreds of thousands of businesses around the world, including many FSTE 100 companies.

Number of users and levels of access

We do not charge per user. However, if your software requires different access levels, these additional permissions may affect the cost, as it requires extra development time.

Effective project management

We use tried-and-tested project management techniques to ensure that you get a great ROI. You'll be getting the most bang for your buck, and we'll meet your deadlines.

Expertise in technology

You get access to various technologies that allow you to innovate and go on new paths. We combine them and help you develop a solid strategy.

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