Operational Software for Business

Operational Software that monitors and reports on mission critical areas of your business.
Our bespoke Operational Software is designed to streamline, manage, and report on the everyday tasks that are central to your business workflow.
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What can Operational Software achieve?

Sometimes referred to as Operations Management Software, these tools can help a business with process management, data storage and analysis, cost management and reporting, to name just a few. OS is not just for the manufacturing industry, but for any business that has outgrown the limitations of spreadsheets and emails.

Getting the right OS can help a business:
  • Save time by automating simple but repetitive processes
  • Reduce errors
  • Improve efficiencies
  • Streamline manufacturing processes
  • Improve stock management
  • But above all, make the improvements YOUR business needs
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Why would I require a bespoke tool?

Your new operational software will display all of the information you need in one dashboard that is easy to use, made the way you need it to work.

Depending on your business needs, this may include the management of hardware such as machines or alarms (Operational Technology), or it may automate processes or tasks such as managing product development gates, automatically ordering stock when it hits a predefined level, or even letting customers know when their order is dispatched. No business is the same - this is where bespoke software comes in.

Some systems may require a complex quoting system, while in other business the stock management and manufacturing quality control takes precedence. With bespoke, all the features within the software can be made to work the way you need.

Moving on to Operational Technology (OT)

Operation Technology is both hardware and software working together to affect or control various aspects of your business.

The software side of OT imports all the information required, organises it, reports on it and can transmit information back out to hardware as an instruction. It may be possible to build the software to include this type of function by using APIs from other software systems and data transmitted from hardware. However, this will depend on the hardware and its function. For example, controlling valves, conveyors etc in a manufacturing facility.
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Our Process

Software development isn't just about writing code. Initially we can help to establish whether your idea is feasible, how much it might cost, and what can be achieved at each stage.
Let's talk about your business and processes, then plan the project.
We use a design-first approach - let's get the look and feel right.
Iterative development phase. You'll get to watch your new system grow.
If you want it in the future, we can tailor support to your needs.

What sets us apart from the rest

UK Based Developers

Our team is based entirely within the UK at our two Yorkshire offices. We do not outsource our development work because we know this is the best way to maximise your success.

Certified Staff

All of our software engineers are Microsoft Certified technology specialists. We believe in continuous staff training to keep standards sky-high.

Agile Practices

Iterative development practices ensure your bespoke solution meets every requirement and can react quickly to new information along with your feedback.

“Quick and accurate development of the software meant our business could thrive.”

Lynne Darwin, New Design Windows

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