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Established in 2020, New Design Windows was founded as a challenger to existing companies in the highly competitive window manufacturing industry.

Understanding the need for a software solution that fit their business properly, New Design Windows brought on Smashed Crab early to design software that would eventually power their entire business.

Complete sales and order fulfilment system
Q2 2020 - Q1 2022

The Problem

Without a suitable software solution available in the market, New Design Windows needed a system that could handle their complex product matrix and order fulfilment processes without the need for double-entry or multiple systems.

Managers needed to have a granular view over everything from sales all the way through to the installation of windows in the customers' houses.

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Why Smashed Crab?

After reviewing many companies in the area, Smashed Crab were identified as the perfect team for the job. Not only did Smashed Crab have the credentials, but also the personable approach the MD expected from her suppliers.

On top of this, being located less than an hour away, communication was quick and easy allowing the project to get moving without delay.

Local Company
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Friendly Staff

The Solution:

The Solution:


Lead Capture

Easy entry of new customers into the bespoke CRM which allows full tracking of the relationship; from first contact to repeat business.





The system allows sales staff to navigate a complex product list quickly and simply, building quotes with ease and sending them directly to customers.



Manufacturing teams are tracked through the app to ensure orders are put together according to their assigned priority. Order progress can then be followed by managers, from Sale to Sign-off.




Delivery & Route Planning

Delivery and Fitting teams use the system to find and execute the most efficient delivery routes, all from within the same piece of software.



The Fitting teams can also specify the time it takes to fit the windows in the customers' houses, all of which feeds back into the delivery system to calculate driving routes.


Lead Capture

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“I would highly recommend them to any business. Personally, I like them because they care.”

Lynne Darwin, MD, New Design Windows


Barnsley, United Kingdom
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Wombwell, UK

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