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The Royal
Institute of the Architects of Ireland

Founded in 1839 the RIAI is the professional institute for Architects and Architectural Technologists in Ireland. The RIAI supports the architectural profession, promotes the value that architecture brings to society for everyone’s benefit, and maintains the Register for Architects.

The built environment impacts our quality of life — our health, our environment and our economy. In recognising the challenges that Ireland faces in the coming years - climate change, population increase, changing demographic profile and increased urbanisation - the RIAI advocates and supports the use of the essential skills of Architects and Architectural Technologists in addressing these issues.

Document Purchase and Signing System
Q4 2019 - Q1 2020
Documents per year

The Problem

As part of upholding these high standards across Ireland, the RIAI provides its Members with a range of contracts and documents for use during a project. This includes construction contracts, health and safety documentation and opinions on compliance, among other documents. A previous Documents Online system existed (2003), but many of the documents were out of date. It was time for a design refresh with functional improvements.

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Why Smashed Crab?

Through the Microsoft Partnership program, the RIAI reached out to Smashed Crab to look at modernising its offering. Smashed Crab is an accredited Microsoft Silver Partner and upholds high standards of development.

Smashed Crab’s approach to software development matched the RIAI's requirements. Smashed Crab were then entrusted to develop the Documents Online project.

Dedicated Staff


Silver Partner

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The Solution

Smashed Crab worked extensively with the RIAI project team to produce a modern web application that would address all of their requirements. Provided with an easy-to-use interface, the RIAI members can purchase credits, complete documents, and have them delivered to their email address in a secure PDF format.

The RIAI's Administration staff have access to all required reporting and administrative functions to operate the site without any further input from Smashed Crab.

“What we got was a development partner who understood what we were trying to achieve and were invested in achieving it; full commitment from a staff for whom no challenge was too much; a cost effective solution and a product that completely addresses all requirements”

Kathryn Meghen, CEO, The RIAI


Dublin, Republic of Ireland


Dublin, Ireland
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