Jun 20, 2023

Safeguarding Your SME Against Cyber Fraud: The Power of Bespoke Software

In 2022 £1.2 billion was lost to cyber fraud, the issue of cybercrime is becoming increasingly prevalent for businesses, and those in the construction industry are particularly vulnerable, 26% of UK construction contractors operate with inadequate cybersecurity measures, leaving them at risk of disastrous breaches.

Bespoke software, can be a key asset in the fight against cyber fraud.

Firstly, up-to-date systems inherently carry fewer vulnerabilities than older systems and are riddled with unpatched weak spots that hackers can exploit. Upgrading your software is akin to replacing an old lock on your front door, guarding against would-be burglars.
Bespoke systems are less targeted by cybercriminals than mass-market solutions simply because their unique coding makes them a harder nut to crack.

Importantly, however, software is only part of the picture. Human error remains a significant risk factor in cyber fraud. Therefore, cybersecurity measures should never neglect to educate employees about safe online practices. The tailored approach of a bespoke software developer provides many more touchpoints to educate staff on best practices for using software effectively and safely.

The threat of cyber fraud is real and pressing, however, protection is within reach. By implementing up-to-date, bespoke software and fostering a culture of cybersecurity awareness, SMEs can defend themselves against digital predators. After all, the strength of your business's defence should be as unique as your business itself.

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