Management Systems

Bespoke Management Systems for Rapid Growth Companies

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Management Systems

Bespoke Management Systems for Rapid Growth Companies

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Management Systems

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Customised Management Systems for the Modern Enterprise

Navigating the path of rapid business expansion? Your company demands a management system as unique and agile as your vision. At Smashed Crab Software, we craft management systems tailored to your operations, ensuring seamless scalability and optimised efficiency. Streamline your processes, make data-driven decisions, and drive growth like never before.

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What are the benefits?

Tailored Efficiency

Say goodbye to generic, one-size-fits-all solutions. Our custom systems are moulded to your business's distinct requirements, resulting in increased operational efficiency and reduced superfluous tasks.

Cost and Time Savings

With a system fine-tuned to your operations, experience tangible savings. Eliminate costly redundancies, speed up task execution, and allocate resources where they’re most impactful. The result? More growth, less expense.

Scalability for Expansion

Our management systems are not just for your business today, but also for the enterprise you envision tomorrow. Designed with flexibility, they adapt as you grow, ensuring continuous alignment with your ever-evolving goals.

Data-Driven Decision Making

Harness the power of actionable insights. Our systems provide precise analytics and clear data visualisations, empowering you to make confident, informed decisions that propel your business forward.

Case Study

RIAI (The Royal Institute of the Architects of Ireland)

RIAI (The Royal Institute of the Architects of Ireland)

Document Purchase and Signing System

Document Purchase and Signing System

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These tools can help a business with process management, analysis, cost management and reporting, to name just a few. Any business that has outgrown the limitations of spreadsheets and emails could benefit from upgrading.

Your new portal will display all of the information you need in one dashboard that is easy to use, made the way you need it to work.

Depending on your business needs, this may include the management of hardware such as machines or alarms, or it may automate processes or tasks such as managing product development gates, automatically ordering stock when it hits a predefined level, or even letting customers know when their order is dispatched. No business is the same - this is where bespoke software comes in.

What our customers say:

What we got was a development partner who understood what we were trying to achieve and were invested in achieving it; full commitment from a staff for whom no challenge was too much; a cost effective solution and a product that completely addresses all requirements

Kathryn Meghen, CEO, The RIAI

The platform allowed clients and members to have a seamless experience when signing up, making a booking/inputting hours. We are very satisfied with the work Smashed Crab have done and grateful for the platform they built.

The Simon Communities of Ireland

It was a pleasure to work with the Smashed Crab team. They easily integrated with our existing software and created a tool that enabled us to step up our offering and attract larger clients. If you are looking for custom software, they have my recommendation

Norman, Managing Director, Contego Environmental Services Ltd

Our clients love the software Smashed Crab delivered for us and the visibility it gives them over their infrastructure.

Richard Armitage, Testex NDT Ltd

Smashed Crab developed the system which makes for a very smooth experience for staff and students

John Applegate, Director of Funding and Information Services, Hull College Group

Quick and accurate development of the software meant our business could thrive

Lynne Darwin, MD, New Design Windows
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