Custom Sales Systems

Bespoke Sales Systems for Expanding Enterprises

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Custom Sales Systems

Bespoke Sales Systems for Expanding Enterprises

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Custom Sales Systems

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Custom Sales Systems Crafted For Your Success

As your business stands on the precipice of exponential growth, having a sales system tailored to your unique needs is paramount. Our Custom Sales Systems are meticulously designed to blend seamlessly with your operations, ensuring that you harness every opportunity to soar higher. We don't believe in one-size-fits-all; we believe in crafting solutions that fit like a glove.

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What are the benefits?

Maximised Efficiency, Minimised Costs

By creating a sales system bespoke to your requirements, inefficiencies are weeded out. This not only ensures that your sales team operates at peak performance but also translates to significant cost savings. Say goodbye to redundant tools and processes; welcome a streamlined approach.

Swift Implementation, Immediate Results

Time is of the essence, especially when you're poised for rapid growth. Our systems are not just customised, but also designed for quick implementation. This means minimal downtime for your sales operations and a quicker return on investment.

Scalability For Tomorrow's Aspirations

Our solutions are not just about meeting today's needs but are crafted with an eye on the future. As your business expands, our systems grow with you, ensuring that you're always equipped to manage the evolving challenges of the marketplace.

Personalised Support For Every Hurdle

With our Custom Sales Systems, you aren't just purchasing a product; you're investing in a partnership. Our dedicated team stands by you, offering bespoke support to tackle any challenges that might arise, ensuring your sales journey is smooth, efficient, and continually successful.

If like many businesses, you find your team dedicates a lot of time to sales and quoting, you may benefit from a custom sales system. Sales is one of the major areas in a lot of businesses that overheads can be reduced with automated processes and calculations. From a new lead coming in, being qualified and reviewed by multiple parties and then translating that into a quote and later an invoice, there are a lot of steps! Automation and data transfer can help you cut out wasted time and focus on running your business.

We can integrate into your existing systems, such as CRM or production schedule, or create one that will hold all the data you need.Keep track of your clients and fulfilment with reporting integrations. See an overview of all live quotes through dashboards or custom reports. A bespoke quote management tool can provide you with whatever information you need to drive the success of your business.

Don't spend your time amending a generic tool to work for you when we can take all the hassle away and deliver the perfect solution. We can take the information from your existing spreadsheets and automate any calculations. You will have an easy-to-use tool that reduces errors while being fast and easy to use.

What our customers say:

What we got was a development partner who understood what we were trying to achieve and were invested in achieving it; full commitment from a staff for whom no challenge was too much; a cost effective solution and a product that completely addresses all requirements

Kathryn Meghen, CEO, The RIAI

The platform allowed clients and members to have a seamless experience when signing up, making a booking/inputting hours. We are very satisfied with the work Smashed Crab have done and grateful for the platform they built.

The Simon Communities of Ireland

It was a pleasure to work with the Smashed Crab team. They easily integrated with our existing software and created a tool that enabled us to step up our offering and attract larger clients. If you are looking for custom software, they have my recommendation

Norman, Managing Director, Contego Environmental Services Ltd

Our clients love the software Smashed Crab delivered for us and the visibility it gives them over their infrastructure.

Richard Armitage, Testex NDT Ltd

Smashed Crab developed the system which makes for a very smooth experience for staff and students

John Applegate, Director of Funding and Information Services, Hull College Group

Quick and accurate development of the software meant our business could thrive

Lynne Darwin, MD, New Design Windows
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