Bespoke Website design and development to drive results

In the ever more digital landscape we live in, your web presence can be a strong trust signal to your customers. We can deliver tailored websites to drive sales, promote your offering or engage with your audience.
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Do you need Web Development?

Have you had experience of websites not delivering exactly what you need? Is your website built from templates and plugins which limit your flexibility? Do you find yourself bouncing between different marketing tools or re-entering the same data across platforms?

If you have experienced any of the above issues or just need a new web presence that is made to fit your organisations requirements, we are able to help you. Our website development team have over a decade of experience delivering high-quality, made-for-purpose websites to brands across the globe.

We can work with you to develop a website that enables your company to:
Automate data capture and data handling
Promote your offering
Provide a concise and brand-consistent trust signal for your customers
Integrate seamlessly with existing applications and systems
Improve competitive advantage by enabling new opportunities
Grow and adapt to changing environments
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Already know what you want?

Why Choose Custom Software?

The Smashed Crab way puts you in the driving seat of our agile development process. Custom Software development is easy and stress-free. All you need to do is tell us about your business, how you work, and what you want to achieve. Getting to grips with the issues you currently experience can help us find solutions that are right for you and your team.
Made for purpose

As the name suggests, Custom Software development means you have an enormous scope of freedom when designing your software to fit your needs, no matter how specific.

No off-the-shelf plugins or templates

Part of the critical components of Custom Software is that it can merge your legacy applications and existing systems. Not only is it more accessible for Smashed Crab to integrate your existing applications with your new system, but it also has lower costs than owning multiple services.

Clear and Transparent project management

Your business can save thousands over the years by opting for your own personalised software oversubscription services.

Highly Secure

Improve your security and data protection with purpose-built software that caters to your specific needs. Team members will no longer need to access multiple different software and services and use many logins and passwords to get the data they need. Custom Software can be designed to keep documentation and information safe in one secure place.

Support and Maintenance

With Custom Software development, Smashed Crab are only a phone call away for any help needed, whether it’s fixing an issue or offering training.


The most significant selling point of Custom Software is that it grows with you and your business. It changes and adapts as you experience new needs and processes. Our designers and developers will stay with you on your journey to offer support and recommendations.

We can assess your unique future requirements to keep you ahead of the curve by forming this relationship. Thanks to Custom Built Software, these new functions are incorporated into your existing application without incurring the extra cost that comes with purchasing additional licences of off the shelf subscription services.

Flexibility and Efficiency

Custom Software is purpose-built to support your processes and increase productivity, so there is no need to mess around with settings or adjust any complex coding. Smashed Crab will be there every step of the way to provide on-hand support, adjustments, and developments as you test, work, and play with your new Custom Software.

Is Custom Software Development
Right for Your Business?

Some people think that Custom Software is only suitable for specific industries or certain company sizes. We at Smashed Crab say those people are wrong. The only suitability you need to be applicable for Custom Software is the desire to do what you do, but better.

We have developed software for construction companies, the real estate industry, food safety specialists, quality control roles, call centres, schools and colleges, hospitals, mining companies, and more. If you have a problem that you want to fix, then Custom Software is right for your business, and Smashed Crab will walk with you into finding the right solution.

Our Software Development Process

As your chosen Software Developer company, we are travelling on a journey with you, and your success is our success. We learn everything we can about your company, your goals, your values, the things that keep you up in the night, all to provide you with the most fantastic, most efficient, affordable, and streamlined software available to fit your needs. The purpose of our Custom Software is to help you sleep easy, maximise productivity and make for a happy team.

Software development isn’t just about writing code. Initially, we can help establish whether your idea is feasible, how much it might cost, and what can be achieved at each stage.
Talk to us. Tell us about your business, passions, goals, and ambitions you have for your company. Let us know about your team members, their quirks and working styles, and most importantly, any complaints anyone has on the current working methods. Together, we can develop a plan to build Custom Software tailored to you.
We use a design-first approach, building from bare bones to get the look and feel of your new system just right. For example, we can match your design to company branding and integrate logos for report generation.
Watch your project grow in our development stage. By keeping everything with us, you get faster development times. We meet with you regularly to ensure that everything is on track and your feedback is taken on board.
We offer unwavering support for your Custom Software. Should you encounter any issues or want to add a new feature, you can count on us. As responsible Custom Software Developers, we ensure your software remains up to date. Never be afraid to pick up the phone to give us a call should you have a query.
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Ready to Start?

Who are Smashed Crab Software?

Our team is based entirely within the UK at our two Yorkshire offices. All our software development is achieved in-house. We want you, our client, to visit and see the quality of our work. Seeing your ideas come to life first-hand is a great experience, and Smashed Crab aims to nurture that and the enthusiasm and excitement that comes from it.

Thrive in an ever-changing environment with adaptable and bespoke software built for purpose, with your goals in mind. With Smashed Crab, we put you in the driving seat to direct your path to success, and we help you along every step of the way. Together, we can develop a successful, expertly designed software package.

UK-based team
Qualified Staff
Flexible working models

We strive to upskill all our developers to become Microsoft Certified technology specialists. We believe in continuous staff training to keep standards sky-high. Smashed Crab develop its Custom Software processes regularly to keep everything up to date. As our client, you feel these qualifications first-hand.

With every new skill, a new widget, and code, hundreds of new ideas and ways of increasing efficiency or simplifying methods are uncovered.

“Our clients love the visibility it gives them over their infrastructure.”

Richard Armitage, Testex NDT Ltd

What kind of websites can you build?

With bespoke software, the possibilities are endless. Below are just a few examples of software we have build in the past. Gtt in touch with us today to see if we could bring your requirements to life.
Custom ERP Software

Software that gives directors and managers a granular view over the whole of their business.

Custom CRM Software

Full customer relationship tracking with powerful reporting.

Custom Sales Software

Manage customers and quickly compile quotes of complex products ranges. We excel in turning multi-dimensional product matrices into intuitive web applications.

Custom Workforce Management Software

We've built software that manages and tracks the time of businesses with thousands of employees - including complex integrations with a whole host of third party systems such as HR databases and telecoms diallers.

Custom Asset Managment Software

Fixed Asset lifecycle management, including inspection reporting for compliance, and work order tracking.

Custom Manufacturing and Warehousing Software

Order tracking, stock management, fulfilment, and delivery.

And much, much more...

There really is no limit to the systems we can build for our clients. Get in touch with the team today to learn more about our process and what's possible within your business.

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