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The most successful businesses are those who put their customer first. Understand your customers better with a custom CRM and give them the best possible experience.
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Do I need a CRM system for my business?

Do you have long term accounts that need managing?
Are you unable to keep up with lead flow?
Does reporting take far too long?
Is your customer data hard to locate?
Are you unsure of what your sales team is doing?
Is customer service lacking?
Do you have insecurities about your growth plan?
If you answered yes to any of the above, then it sounds like you need a CRM system. CRM systems are valuable tools for businesses to keep on top of their customer data, relationships, sales, and more. In addition, companies require CRMs as they grow to successfully manage data, streamline processes, and provide an overall fulfilling experience for the customer.
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How do I know which CRM is right for my business?

At Smashed Crab, we build your CRM software from scratch and want it to be everything you could need. There are three different CRM systems which can be used to help nail down the perfect combination of processes for you. It may seem a bit much, but the more you know about what you want your CRM software to be capable of, the better and more informed your custom CRM system will be. Regardless of if you are still in the research stage, or looking for your ideal software developer, being informed will give you the best possible result.
Collaborative CRM systems

A popular choice for businesses with many departments that need to work together. Collaborative CRM software helps to build genuinely omnichannel support. With Interaction Management, every interaction with your company from a customer gets tracked, regardless of channel. Tracking capability ensures employees can keep notes on each engagement, such as what it was about, how they resolved it and other essential details. Not only can you track interactions, but with Channel Management, employees can accurately meet customers' needs in the places that mean the most to them. Contact becomes more manageable and streamlined, resulting in a better user experience and customer service. Cloud-based CRM software such as collaborative CRM systems helps manage internal documents across large workforces, keeping them safe, secure, and easy to find.

Operational CRM systems

This style of CRM software is great for those looking to get more out of their current customer data and wanting to make processes more efficient for their employees at the same time. You may have identified gaps in your current methods that leave room for error or lost opportunities for unutilised data. With operational CRM, you can see the entire customer lifecycle and use your CRM to find ways to inject your messaging more effectively into their journey.

Analytical CRM systems

This system is for those companies that aren't sure how to get the most out of their customer data. This form of CRM software provides the analytical tools needed to pull apart your data and works best for high level strategising. Data analysis is the art of getting the answers to your questions and your customers and planning an effective strategy to better your business goals. These answers are crucial to identifying weaknesses and threats, magnifying your strengths, and capitalising on trends.

All Three

Do you feel you might need a combination of all three types of CRM software? That is fine, and Smashed Crab will build your custom CRM to fit your needs. Many Smashed Crab CRM systems combine features from different CRM types, allowing for the most intuitive and helpful software.

What is a CRM?

A CRM system is Customer Relationship Management tool. It is utilised by many different company areas, from sales teams to marketing. Whilst CRM software is primarily aimed at working with customers; it also makes work more efficient internally.

Using a CRM system, you streamline processes, improve customer service, and increase sales as every element of your strategy is managed for optimum output. As a result, opportunities will reveal themselves in the most unlikely and overlooked places, be it in increased productivity, more free time, or increased profits from being able to predict your customer needs.

As technology has developed and channels like social media, email and phone have grown, the customer journey has become more complex and challenging to manage. CRMs address all these potential challenges and tie everything together, making communication more straightforward. In addition, you no longer need to be in several places at once – now, you can bring the customer to you with a custom CRM system.

What are the benefits of a CRM System?

Greater contact management experience
Easier team collaboration
Increased sales management
Accurate sales forecasting and measuring
Reliable and intuitive reporting
Increased customer satisfaction and retention
Boosted marketing ROI
Custom CRM will improve these central departments
Better understand your sales pipeline and access reliable information on your customers. Data and tracking can help achieve targets, reduce admin time and provide more time for selling to clients.
CRMs are great for accurate and straightforward forecasting against goals. Greater visibility of customer journeys allows for a more critical selling point and campaign success rate.
Your CRM can help track conversations across multiple channels; meaning customer inquiries won't go missing. It also means that exchanges do not have to start from the beginning when a customer transfers to a new customer service agent.
Procurement and supply chain can benefit significantly from custom CRM software as it helps teams to manage relationships better. Meetings with suppliers, requests, notes and scheduling follow-ups and meetings become simple and integrated into their everyday routine.
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Ready to Start?

Smashed Crab Software offers Cloud-Based CRM Solutions

If your software isn't cloud-based, is it genuinely flexible? The most significant development in CRM software has been moving from on-premise to cloud-based. Cloud-based software allows staff to access much-needed information and processes from any location. Flexibility is crucial for those working from home and sales managers who spend much time on the road between clients.

Never accept less than the most modern technology or risk encountering difficulties and outdated software later down the line and quicker than you may have hoped.

A cloud-based CRM system has the following benefits:

Faster integration and installation
Reduce costs while scaling business quickly
Access from anywhere, on any device
Improved security and back-ups
Increased collaboration between departments

Our cloud-based CRM software is much quicker than traditional systems. It does not require laborious installation or implementation. With no hardware to set up or maintain, it is the user-friendly preference of businesses across the country.

“Our clients love the visibility it gives them over their infrastructure.”

Richard Armitage, Testex NDT Ltd

Why custom is better than off-the-shelf

Ease of set up and use

No need to pay extra for training every time you recruit someone into the business.

Integration with products

Seamlessly link existing tools with the custom CRM services.

Department collaboration

Break down silos between departments with integrated processes from which everyone can access and work.

Payment model and costs per user

There are no extra costs for adding a new user, and you will have peace of mind for owning your CRM software.

Reporting features

Export and review data trends quickly with customisable dashboards to fit your needs.

Security features

Keep your valuable data safe in a cloud-based CRM system.

Ability to scale

Avoid outgrowing your off the shelf CRM. Instead, consider the needs of your growing business and choose a custom CRM system.


What does CRM mean?

CRM stands for Customer Relationship Management. It's a strategy businesses can use to manage their interactions with both current and future customers.

Why is CRM important?

CRM gives you a better way to communicate with customers, service users and more. Better relationships lead to satisfied customers, which in turn leads to profits.

What does a CRM system do?

CRM systems are great for keeping track of customers. You can analyse info and access data in a readily accessible dashboard.

What are the benefits of CRM?

CRM is an effective business tool with various benefits for your sales and marketing teams. For example, the software can help to improve productivity, increase customer loyalty, develop sales forecasts more accurately, provide accurate reporting and enable better service.

Can CRM go beyond sales and marketing?

While CRM is traditionally a sales tool, it can deliver powerful benefits across the organisation - from HR and customer service to supply-chain management.

Why is cloud-based CRM ideal?

Cloud-based CRM offers instant deployment, cost-effective scalability, and access from anywhere on any device.

Do you charge per user accounts?

No, the bespoke software we build can comfortably accommodate as many users as you need. The software is for your sole use so you can manage the access without our input.

Can you integrate it with our existing software?

Absolutely. As long as at there are APIs and documentation available, we can usually keep the CRM in sync with your existing systems.

Will I be able to access the CRM from my phone?

You will be able to access your CRM from any modern web browser (ask us which). Let us know which features you will need to be accessible from the mobile version of the CRM and we'll make it happen.

I want to start quoting my clients from the CRM, can I do this?

Your CRM system can become whatever you need. Some of our previous clients start with a custom CRM and then bolt on quoting afterwards.

I don't know what features I can have developed. Will you be able to explain the possibilities?

Definitely. Once we understand how your business works, we can suggest common and unique workflows to supercharge your sales.

Can I let customers log in to see their quotes?

We can develop client portals to give your customers a central repository for their quotes and other documentation.

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