Hull College

Digital transformation of the student journey

The Challenge

The Hull College Group is one of the largest HE and FE organisations in the country, offering more than 1,000 courses to over 26,000 students every year. Upon receiving a large government grant, the College embarked on a large digital transformation project which touched every part of the organisation.

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Our Approach

As part of this fresh start, Smashed Crab Software designed and built over 24 distinct pieces of work. These were a combination of ETL processes, API integrations and forms. This also included the creation of a new website which integrated with the new tool set. These were all designed with student journey in mind, and we worked alongside other consultants and members of college staff across all departments. At the same time, the new GDPR regulations came into power and as such every care was taken to ensure the forms were only capturing the necessary data and users were fully informed of their rights.

Tech Stack

The Solution

The result was a newly updated website that was easy for the client to manage and a tool set that digitised the entire student experience. Smashed Crab Software are still working with the college on a number of new projects and we continue to support the software, website and processes we put in place.

What the client said:

Through working with Smashed Crab Software, the College has significantly improved many of its business processes and can now make better judgments through the timely and accurate data it collects online

Amrik Aujla, MIS Consultant at Hull College Group