Legitimate Interests Assessment
In accordance with the ICO's guidelines
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Legitimate Interest Assessment

Smashed Crab Studio Ltd (trading as Smashed Crab Software) has carried out a Legitimate Interest Assessment in order to comply with the ICO's data protection guidance (GDPR)

1) Purpose

We are processing the data in order to promote our software development services to prospective customers. These customers are in decision making and budgetary responsibility positions within their organisations and are therefore would reasonably expect to receive sales and marketing calls offering software services and products.

Without processing this data, we would be unable to reach out to these prospective customers.

All data that we purchase for this purpose is washed against the TPS and cTPS to ensure compliance. A monthly suppression list is also provided by our broker for extra compliance.

All prospects have the opportunity to opt-out of the contact at any time.

2) Necessity

Without processing this date, it would not be possible for us to reach prospective and existing customers to market our services.

3) Balance Test

We operate solely in business-to-business.

We are only processing data about individuals in a professional capacity and only a minimum amount of information relating to the individual is stored. This is name,, job title or function, organisation name, industry, corporate email address, and corporate phone number.

We do not capture or store any special category, criminal offence, or children’s or vulnerable persons’ data.